School Concert

Friday was Amandalynn’s annual school concert. They had a modelling show!!! The chreche closed at 2 so i went home early to get her done because she had to be by the school @ 6 again. she wanted her hair straightened and wanted make up on. So i straightened the hair and she got lip gloss and light eye shadow. When i drop her off t the school i got to take a look at some of the kids, the theme for the class was SMART CASUAL. Some girls had fancy dresses on, the one was wearing a fairy outfit and the rest had on smart casual. most of them had glitter in the hair and face (i think that is fine) but some of them was wearing so much make up (you could see that mommy did it), that they looked like hookers!!! i think a little for a show for age 4 is enough!!!!

Amandalynn’s grandmother who never sees her, has a problem with earrings and make-up, but surprisingly she was fine when she saw Amandalynn and did not even comment.

The show was wonderful. i loved every second of it. obviously i think my daughter was the best looking. she is my little princess after all.



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