August 2011

August 2011

I’m an unmarried – that sound better than single – mother of 2. Who absolutly gotten lost in my children. going through maintenance issues and finding myself again. Its a daily struggle but worth every minute.

1 – My all time favourite colour pink, the fact that I have to little girls is a good excuse for always having the colour around.

2 – I am a Christian.

3 – My star sign is Sagittarius. It’s a fire sign. I had my what-ever-you call it check and apparently three of my four sections are fire and he other I air. So that will explain my bitchy, control freak personality. I’m still deciding if I believe or in this or not.

4 – I’m currently working as an admin assistant, but my dream is to work in publishing, in editorial. I will still do it. Watch this space.

5 – I am currently 24 years old.

6 – I love reading. I can get lost in a book like there is not tomorrow. But with two little girls I hardly get the time to read.

7 – I love writing. Part of the reason why I blog. I might not be great at it. But it does not stop me. With practice comes perfect.

8 – I’m an extrovert; I can start a conversation with anyone anywhere.

9 – I love shopping, I love shopping for shoes! I use to have awesome shoes then I had a second child.

10 – I no longer have my tonsils.

11 – I want another child; I would love for it to be a little girl. But having a little man will also be great.

12 – I am addicted to Moomie. I have made so great Real Life Friends.

13 – I love twitter, but having work, kids, home, moomie, facebook and my blog makes it hard to keep up to date with everything.

14 – I love sleeping in.

15 – I love my series that I watch. You can get completely lost in them.

16 – I drink way too much coffee

17 – I’m a smoker.

18 – I enjoy days at home with my girls, but will never be a stay at home mother. I enjoy working.

19 – My kids are the best kids in the entire world.

20 – I enjoy being alone as much as I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. You need both to be sane.

21 – I’m not sane. I’m a bit crazy and most days I wonder why Hannes even loves me.

22 – I live in Cape Town, born and breed. I cannot see myself living anywhere else in the world.

23 – My dream car is a Cheep Wrangler. But I will settle for a Mini Cooper and if I can have that, I would like an old age mini.

24 – I don’t have my learners or license but I can drive. Hannes taught me.

25 – I used to be a tomboy and then a friend changed that somewhere in high school. Now I love to dress all girly. Even if most days I look like a run down mom.

26 – I love my siblings. I have not met them all but they are apart of me. I have 2 brothers from my mom and a brother and 2 sisters (that I have not met) from my father.

27 – I’m not a big fan of water, but once in a while I love a good swim.

28 – I love summer, the time to wear dresses and awesome shoes.

29 – Both my index fingers are funny looking. I had warts removed when I was little and they ruined my nail beds when the burned them off, so only the one side of both fingers grew since the age of 5.

30 – I love furry little animals.

31 – I think that I am pretty.

32 – Happiness = My family

So that’s all about me…



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